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A Prices for one sample range from $15 for pH and salinity only, to $74 for basic fertility with fertilization recommendations, up to $187 for fertility, texture and suitability with planting recommendations. Please note these prices are for work by our Santa Clara office and might vary slightly at our other offices.
A Yes. There is an additional onsite fee and travel fee.
A 5-7 working days after the sample is received for data with a report, or 3-4 days for data only. Expedited service is available at an additional cost. For data and report with recommendations a rush of 3-5 days would be normal cost plus 100% of the analytical fee.
A About one quart. Two cups bare minimum.
A Deep enough to represent the zone of feeder root activity.
A Depending on the pattern of yellowing, try the A01, A17 or P01 (disease diagnosis). For nursery or agricultural clients, A66 leaf analysis is also suggested.
A Yes, although nutrient testing is best-suited for nurseries, orchards and row crops where several of the same plants can be represented by one sample.
A Yes. The A71 checks suitability of the water for irrigation purposes.
A Yes, mainly from symptomatic root, crown or branch tissue samples from declining, and not totally dead, plants. It is usually best to call first to get sampling instructions.
A No. Cultural factors not covered in the testing might be involved. A soil test can at least determine if soil chemistry or fertility is a limiting factor. The written report may offer suggestion of further inquiry.

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