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Analytical Services

The following is an abbreviated list and includes our most requested services. For pricing or our full fee schedule, please contact us.

Soil Analysis:

A01: Basic fertility package. pH, salinity, sodium and the five soluble and exchangeable major nutrients.
A05-1: Appraisal package. A01 plus sulfate, boron, sodium, USDA texture, organic matter content. A05-2 includes micronutrients also.
A06-0: Physical properties of soilless mixes. Air space, readily available water, water holding capacity.
A17: Complete fertility package. A01 plus sulfate, boron and DTPA-extractable micronutrients.
A20-1: USDA particle size appraisal.

For the soil analysis form, download this PDF file:

Word Soil Submittal Form

Leaf Tissue Analysis:

A66: Total major and micronutrients.

For the plant tissue analysis form, download this PDF file:

Word Plant Tissue Submittal Form

Organic Amendments/Composts:

A09: Non-composted amendments. Sieve analysis, available nutrients, organic content, estimated C/N ratio, bulk density, pH, salinity, sodium, moisture content.
A91: Compost evaluation. A09 plus total nutrients and chloride.

For the compost analysis form, download this PDF file:

Word Compost/Amendment Submittal Form

Water Analysis:

A71: Irrigation suitability. Major and micronutrients, pH, pHc, conductivity, bicarbonate, molybdenum, aluminum and fluoride.
A73: Fertilizer in water. Major and micronutrients, pH and conductivity.
A74: Fertilizer in water. A73 plus bicarbonate.

For the water analysis form, download this PDF file:

Word Irrigation water sample submittal form


P01: Disease diagnosis on plant tissue samples.
P02: Plant parasite nematode identification and count from soil.

For more information, download these two PDF files (Acrobat Reader required):

PDF Disease sampling instructions
PDF Disease sample submittal info

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